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Banff National Park

We woke up in Glacier National Park to another foggy morning. We packed up the car and hit the road towards Canada. We were planning on spending the next few days in Banff National Park.

Our first stop was Canmore. A good friend of mine told about this little rad town that sat at the base of Banff. The last couple of nights in Glacier were pretty cold so we stopped here trying to find alternate accommodations. We didn’t quite find anything and were still on the fence about camping. I had booked us a campsite in Lake Louise which was deeper into the park. After deciding to follow through with the campsite, we headed towards our first stop in the park, Two Jacks Lake.

On our way towards Two Jacks, the rain was on and off. We knew we had a limited time of being dry. Pushing past the overcast weather, we found ourselves in beautiful blue skies. With the storm off in the distance, we explored the lake side for a bit then pulled out the cooler to make some lunch.

Afterwards, we packed up the car and drove towards Lake Louise where we would setup camp for the evening. The sun was setting and we had just finished pitching the tent. Before heading out to see the lake, we hit the camp store to grab a few things for dinner.

The next morning we explored up and down the Trans-Canada Highway, but one of the most memorable spots had to be Peyto Lake. Being home to Banff’s infamous “Blue Water,” the hike seemed like it took no time at all. After taking a couple photos, we hiked down below the viewpoint as far as we could go while still being safe. We hung out here for about an hour before hiking back up and out.

Visiting places like Banff can really put things in perspective. It can really help us understand what truly matters in life. Banff was an epic adventure and I really can’t wait to get back out there. I hope you’ve enjoyed my road trip to Glacier and Banff National Parks.

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